Our spring submission window is closed.  Please check back in May to read the latest issue of FLAR.  Our next open window will begin on September 1, 2017.

Best always,
A.E. Bayne



  1. Meredith Kunsa

    Dear Poetry Editor: When I attempted to submit files, while the site’s instructions indicated poems be submitted as separate files, once I attached the first of five poems, instructions would not allow me to attach the remaining 4 poems. Just to clarify, will you permit one file containing 5 poems? Thank you for responding.

    • I am going to make a slight change to this to accommodate poets with shorter poems. In the past, we have accepted three poems from submitters, and I think that is fair with the parameter of up to three poems totaling no more than 180 lines combined, or one poem totaling no more than 180 lines. So, to answer your question above, you may include three poems in the text box as long as they don’t exceed 180 lines. This has been the toughest category to figure out. You question made me consider it more closely. Thanks!

  2. William White

    There is no mention of payment

    • admin

      There is mention of a payment on our submissions page under the numbered changes. When you click the submit button, it will take you straight to the portal for submissions and you will be asked to pay $3.00 for each of your submissions. Poets may submit up to three poems totaling no more than 180 lines, or one poem totaling no more than 180 lines.

  3. Michael Hower

    For Visual Arts/Photography, I can make 1 submission of artwork per $3 fee, am I limited on the number of submissions (like 3 for $9)?

  4. Kim

    What are the submission requirements?

    • admin

      Our next window will open on March 1, 2017 and will be accessible through Submittable. All requirements will be listed there. We hope to see your work come March. Thanks for your inquiry.

  5. Celeste


    Clicking on the submissions page only leads to the above notice that the reading period is over until March. Is there another place to find your submissions guidelines?

    Thanks, Celeste

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